TMS Software維護版本更新品項

TMS WEB Core v1.1.2.0 Verona

• TWebMessageDialog language customization support added
• TWebForm.PopupOpacity property added for popup forms
• TWebEdit.Pattern TWebEdit.Required TWebEdit.AutoFocus properties added
• Headers/User/Password properties added to TWebClientConnection
• Extended TApplication with RouteForm() and RunScript() methods


TMS FlexCel 6.24

• TFlexCelDocExport now uses a different way to share files in Android
• New methods SetRange3DRef and TrySetRange3DRef in TXls3DRange
• Cell indent is now printed and rendered to pdf/images proportional to the print scale
• Various smaller improvements & fixes


TMS Component Pack v9.0.3.0

• AutoThemeAdapt takes Windows version in account when Office not found in TAdvAppStyler
• OnGetEditorType, OnAllowColumnFilter events added in TAdvDBFilterPanel & TAdvGridFilterPanel
• AdvListEditor.Lookup.HasValue() function added in TAdvListEditor
• SearchList.Items.IndexOf(AValue) added in TAdvSearchList
• Label positions lTopRight, lpBottomRight added in TAdvTreeComboBox
• Various high DPI / per monitor high DPI handling improvements
• Various smaller fixes & improvements


TMS VCL Cloud Pack v4.0

• TAdvOutlookMail: OutlookMailItem IsRead and IsDraft properties
• TAdvGooglePhotos component
• Improved : TAdvPicasa is deprecated and can be replaced by TAdvGooglePhotos


TMS FixInsight v2019.01

• New Delphi 10.3 Rio support
• Support for the new Delphi 10.3 language feature inline variable added