Acunetix 12.0.1903維護版本更新用於Windows和Linux,包括全新漏洞檢查、更新及修復。


• Test for Cisco Identity Service Engine XSS (CVE-2018-15440)
• Test for Arbitrary File Read in Next.js
• Test for Nagios XI Magpie_debug.php Unauthenticated RCE (CVE-2018-15708)
• Test for Horde Imp Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
• Test for publicly available Apache balancer-manager application
• Test for Rails File Content Disclosure in Action View (CVE-2019-5418)
• Test for Apache Solr Deserialization of untrusted data via jmx.serviceUrl (CVE-2019-0192)
• 更多...


• Updated Directory Traversal vulnerability check
• Improved detection of Blind SQL Injection
• On Linux, OOM Killer will now stop less important processes
• Improve handling of XHR requests in Deepscan
• 更多...


• Fixed multiple instances of scanner stopping unexpectedly
• Fixed false positive reported by WordPress plugin All in One SEO Pack privielege escalation check
• Fixed issue causing the same web application to be detected multiple times
• Some vulnerability alerts did not show the HTTP Response
• 更多...


Acunetix 12的用戶可以從軟體介面中的「設置頁面」(Settings page)設定新版通知並啟用自動升級。尚未安裝或升級的用戶,可至原廠網頁(下載程式後輸入授權序號(License Key)啟用產品。