Multipurpose DirectShow EncoderMultipurpose DirectShow Encoder

Multipurpose DirectShow Encoder 視頻捕捉及播放

Datastead Multipurpose Encoder能藉由FFmpeg LGPL的建構,壓縮或編碼音頻/視頻流

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Datastead Multipurpose Encoder能藉由FFmpeg LGPL的建構,壓縮或編碼音頻/視頻流。另透過OpenH264在H264中編碼,以及使用FFmpeg的AAC編碼器在AAC中編碼,並支援透過Intel QuickSync或NVidia CUVID進行硬體編碼。


Datastead Multipurpose Encoder能將音頻/視頻流編碼到各種檔案容器(例如MP4),或將它們發送到在線媒體伺服器(例如Wowza)。


本產品可搭配在TVideoGrabber SDK。


The Datastead Multipurpose Encoder is a DirectShow Multiplexer/Sink filter able to compress or encode audio/video streams through a LGPL build of FFmpeg. This LGPL build of FFmpeg is included in the package and installed with the filter. It can encode in H264 through OpenH264 and encode in AAC with the FFmpeg’s AAC encoder. It supports also hardware encoding through Intel QuickSync or NVidia CUVID.


With this filter is is possible to encode the audio/video streams to various file containers (e.g. MP4) or to send them to live media servers (e.g. a Wowza Media Server).



This filter is natively supported by our TVideoGrabber SDK.


作業系統Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

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