Ab3d.PowerToys (.NET 3D圖形開發)

Ab3d.PowerToys是終極的WPF和WinForms 3D元件組,可極大簡化具有技術、CAD或其他3D圖形的桌面應用程式(desktop applications)的開發
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Ab3d.PowerToys是終極的WPF和WinForms 3D元件組,可極大簡化具有技術、CAD或其他3D圖形的桌面應用程式(desktop applications)的開發。 

● The easiest to use 3D API with many great code samples in C#
● Cameras (TargetPositionCamera, FreeCamera, FirstPersonCamera, ThirdPersonCamera, etc.)
● Camera Controllers (MouseCameraController, CameraControlPanel, ViewCubeCameraController)
● 3D Models and Visuals (Sphere, Box, Cylinder, etc.)
● Generate extruded or lathe 3D objects
● Use Boolean operations on 3D objects or slice them with a 3D plane
● 3D Lines (the fastest implementation for connected, disconnected and lines with arrows)
● 3D Text
● Event Manager 3D (simplified event handling on 3D objects)
● Many helper classes to ease work with WPF 3D
● Support for touch and multi-touch to rotate, move and zoom the camera
● Import 3D models from obj files (integrated in Ab3d.PowerToys) or almost all other 3D files with Assimp importer (see below)
● Play keyframe and skeletal animations from many 3D files with Assimp importer
● Export 3D models to many file types files (using Assimp exporter)
● Fully optimized to achieve best possible performance
● When faster rendering is required, it is very easy to switch to DirectX 11 rendering with Ab3d.DXEngine
● Premium support for all questions regarding WPF 3D and our libraries